Band Tunes


4/4           - Scotland the Brave, Lord Lovat's Lament, Murdo's Wedding, The Rowan Tree

4/4   - 51st Highland Division, Wings, Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie, MacPherson's Lament

4/4 - Jimmy Findlater, The Children

4/4 - Farewell to Camraw, The Old Rustic Bridge, Crags of Tumbledown Mountain

4/4 - Falkland Palace, Wee Highland Laddie, The Crusaders' March


3/4   - Green Hills Of Tyrol, The Battles O'er, Castle Dangerous, My Own Land

3/4 - Highland Brigade at Magersfontein, Shoals of Herring, Lochanside, Colin's cattle

3/4  -  Pipe Major J K Cairns, Eliza, The Road To Passchendaele

2/4  - 72nd Highlanders' Farewell to Aberdeen, MacKenzie Highlanders, Greenwood side, Campbell's             Farewell to Redcastle

2/4 - Nut Brown Maiden, Highland Laddie, The Barren Rocks of Aden

2/4 - Australian Ladies

2/4 - Captain Campbell of Drum a Voisk

6/8 -  Farewell to the Creeks, Leaving Port Askaig

6/8 - The Mucking of Geordie's Byre, Bonny Dundee

6/8  -  Rab's Wedding, The Heights of Casino

MSR  - The Pipers Cave, Louden's Bonnie Woods and Braes, Jenny Dang the Weaver



MSR - Liberton Pipe Band, Orange and Blue, Itchy Fingers

Slow March - Skye Boat Song, Loch Rannoch, Flower of Scotland

Burns Set - Corn Rigs, My love she's but a Lassie Yet, Duncan Gray

Slow Air and 5/4 - Cullen Bay

Highland Cathedral

The Gael

Amazing Grace

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